Anatomy of a TM Cube

Get your thinking caps and notepads! Here is the breakdown of the travelmagnet. 

Black and White Skyline
WIX D1.png

D1 (Design 1)

Made with wooden laser printed souvenir with your favorite landmarks.


It has two parts; horizontal charm and vertical platform.


The horizontal charm is a laser printed wooden souvenir that stands together with the vertical platform.  The bottom part is a printed name of the landmark.

Measurements; 6.35cm(height)x3.81cm(length)x2mm(width).


The vertical platform is a laser printed wooden souvenir that has a soft magnetic sheet on the bottom part which connects with the travelmagnet cube. It is printed with the origin of the souvenir.

Measurements; 3.81cm(height)x3.81cm(length)x2mm(width).

Dandelion Meadow

D2 (Design 2)

Made with the same properties of D1. The difference with D2 is it's a flat laser printed wooden souvenir. It can be connected to all sides of the travelmagnet cube. It depends on how you design and style your travelmagnet cube.

Measurements; 3.81cm(height)x3.81cm(length)x2mm(width).

WIX D2.png
Austrian Alps


Made with wooden cube with embedded N35 magnets with combination of galvanized iron plates on all sides of the cube. Connects easily with D1, D2, and Cube. Also, it is attracted with any magnetic, iron and steel surfaces.

Measurements; 3.81cm(height)x3.81cm(length)x3.81cm(width).


Physiology of a travelmagnet