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Gain local and global exposure.

This is a new platform for artists to share their awesome travel pictures.

Get $1 royalty for product sold.

If we sell 1,000,000 pieces that means you get $1,000,000. Every product sold(your picture) at MSRP entails a $1 royalty fee. This is the new way of earning passive income, anytime, anywhere, locally and globally.

Support local & global tourism.

We are continuously battling pandemic and with our contribution, we can help with restoring the tourism industry all over the globe. The power that your picture holds can inspire people to travel.

Support local small businesses.

The backbone of the tourism industry needs our help. Let's strengthen them by raising awareness of the marvelous destination. Any Continent, Country, City, Town, and places unfamiliar to others.

Support our planet Earth.

We pledge 10 percent of our profit to fund Earth preservation operations all around the globe.

Our awesome product packaging helps to raise awareness of our plastic and pollution crisis.

Join  our Artist Program.

One picture can move the world.

Join us in spreading the WORLD.


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